Raising Alchemy Guidance Offerings

Do you want to apply a parenting style that fully allows your child to live their human potential?

Do you want to discover how to inspire your child’s confidence in their own spirituality?

Have you fallen into a parent-child routine that leaves you exhausted and grasping at the need to be in control?

How would it feel for you to have time to be you, to feel well and nourished and show up as the best version of you?

Raising Alchemy is present for Parents Raising the Spiritual Child

We set an intention for the space to be secure, receptive and compassionate for all. Space that allows you to step into your own truth and awareness as an individual, while being supported. Time and energy are respected.

Your Journey to Empowerment begins with a Discovery Call

Explore whether I’m the right guide for you.

An opportunity to have an informal conversation, ask questions, learn about each other and understand the guidance you seek.

1:1 Guidance Sessions

Personalised guidance to expand your individual journey.

  • 60-minute bespoke Zoom sessions
  • Personalised sessions are based on aspects of the 5 Guidance Pillars while working with your divinity and uniqueness.
  • Each session includes 1 x Zoom, my external time before and after your session including a set time for you contact me with questions or clarifications.

$80 NZD
Online sessions we connect via Zoom
In-person sessions by enquiry

Enquire to let me know a little about the guidance you seek.

The 5 Pillars Guidance Programme

Truly inspire a deeper connection to yourself and your child and gift yourself a commitment to lasting change.

Journey through the 5 Guidance Pillars while working with your divinity and uniqueness.

  • 6x 1:1 60-minute Zoom sessions over 6-12 weeks
  • Up to 60-minutes a week private online support for the duration of your guidance sessions
  • My external time before and after each session to provide a tailored experience
  • A set time for you to contact me with questions or clarifications outside of our sessions

Commitment 6 to 12 weeks (based on frequency of sessions)
Online sessions we connect via Zoom
In-person sessions by enquiry

Group Guidance Workshops

Join a community of conscious parents and learn to live by example. Grow confidence in both your own and your child’s spirituality.

Journey through the 5 Guidance Pillars while working with your divinity and uniqueness.

  • Online Zoom workshops for participants across the world
  • In-person workshops held in New Zealand
  • Exclusive online group support for the duration of the workshop

Self-investment for group guidance workshops will be announced when scheduled, along with confirmation of dates and location.

Be Inspired

Draw inspiration from like-minded people around the world. Listen to perspectives, and learn from thought leaders, spiritual teachers and other parents.

Share your Experience

If you’ve received guidance from Raising Alchemy, I invite you to leave a review and share your experience with other like-minded parents.