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Creating room to process triggers

Taking responsibility to clear what's in front of us creates room to process and space for energy to flow through us with more grace.

What are we clearing?

Things that trigger us, belief patterns that we notice playing out, programming (especially from our childhood), irritation etc.

We sit with accepting an issue/emotion/hurt/another's opinion and applying the tools, letting go of more of the old stories. It can be hard to face things that give us a pang of anxiety.

Why is that so important? Because we can process and resolve triggers and negative patterns. This allows us to lean into parenting life as a more relaxed, open, stress-reduced, patient parent.

So what's room and space? Here's an analogy I use:

Imagine you are given a problem to solve while standing in a double wardrobe that is jam-packed and full of clothes. You're trying to think clearly, but all this stuff is just around you, it's getting uncomfortable, and you feel a bit claustrophobic and anxious. You try to push all this stuff out of your face, but it's so full you can't. More clothes are trying to get squashed in there, and the longer you are in there, the more frustrated you get, and of course, the last thing you can manage is trying to solve the problem. So you don't have any ability or bandwidth to process; you don't have the room to process.

Then you find a way to clear out some of the clothes, and as this clearing tool works, you can move more freely. Things aren't in your face, and you are beginning to relax. You can breathe, and soon there are only a few items of clothing, but you've got lots of room and feel at ease. So you've created the space to be able to solve the problem.

To make progress as conscious, parents want to be aware of our programming, what triggers us (with work, friends, partners, kids, life), our belief systems and all sorts of past conditioning, not to mention what we've been carrying from our lineage. And we're not just processing this lifetime but all of them! 

However, it's advised to avoid digging for this stuff, meaning we don't search to find things that aren't coming up for us because they will present themselves as we are ready to face them. A gift of parenting is that it's really good at highlighting this stuff in our day to day.

Remember to always seek professional support if you're dealing with some big-ticket items.

The concept of Room and Space has been learnt through MTVO (www.mtvo.org)

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”