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The soul path of the child

We generally accept that we don't know another's earth journey, why they are here, and their purpose. However, when it comes to accepting our children's path, what they chose to experience, or their soul journey - things get a little more challenging.  

Perhaps the most challenging parenting task is retaining a non-bias opinion when making decisions. Often the most diligent of conscious parents need reminders to consider bias as a factor. 

How do we know the path we choose for our children is the right one? 

I've often had conversations with individual parents who disagree with the other parent's choices (I know this situation first-hand). Or those who put a lot of pressure on themselves to get their children into situations they believe are the right ones. This is often based on what they want for the child. But how do we truly know? We don't.  

Can we lean into acceptance of what is when it's not what we would have wanted? (Keeping in mind we're talking safe scenarios here, not situations that put the child in danger).

We can observe the child in these situations: 

  • Are they happy or struggling most of the time?

  • Are they meeting people they need to meet/do their friends or related families feel significant, even if we don't know why? 

  • Are they experiencing life lessons? 

Quite likely, yes. 

We often seek, in ourselves as individuals, to understand and have faith that what is unfolding is the right thing and that the universe has our back - we also need to apply that to the child as a sovereign being. 

Schooling - it's often a debated subject for parents who do see eye to eye and a heavier topic for those who don't. One example I've used with parents is the school scenario. 

Here's a typical scenario (with fictional charters).

Sally wants a more holistic approach to schooling (homeschooling, nature-based holistic etc.). However, this conflicts with the other parent, George, who wants a more traditional systematic education. For whatever reason, their child ends up in a conventional school. 

I'll ask Sally: 

  • Have you considered that the child may have chosen, at their soul level, to be in a traditional school? 

  • What if their being in that scenario sparks their potential? 

  • What if it shows them what needs to be changed? 

  • What if their whole purpose is to experience this in childhood, so they can make significant changes later in life that positively impacts our World and the future of others?

It's tricky, I know; I am there with you, sometimes still falling into the mind and debating the choices.

Just remember, having an awareness of parenting bias is key. Acceptance of current scenarios is key. Stepping back and observing the child with their own Divine path is key.

Does their Divinity have their back? Absolutely.

"When the wisdom of the heart replaces the chatter of the mind, the power of love flows forth"