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An intimate space where I encourage you to read musings, observations and perspectives centred around conscious parenting, spirituality and deepening the connection to the spiritual child.


She dances gracefully to the beat of her own drum

She dances gracefully to the beat of her own drum
Cheeky and carefree and looking for fun
Her innocent freedom of action and thought
No judgement nor expectations are sought

The joy that we are all born with displayed as a reminder
With a smile that shines brighter, kinder and wider
Immersed in creative play with no agenda or motive
No expectation or force, simply moment to moment

My role as a mother emerging less as a guide
And more someone that moves things aside
To give her the space to shine as her unique self
To do that, it highlights what I need to resolve in myself

She is wise beyond words, confused by them, even
As she articulates codes at a higher dimension
She inspires curiosity to see the world in such awe
To remind us of our magic, our gifts and much more

She lives moment by moment in a functional flow
Concocting the most remarkable world, from above to below
She fuels the spark in my heart that expands beyond thought
To send love to all sentient beings, its seamlessly taught

We are changing the past, healing our ancestry
By showing up in our authenticity
Grounded from Papatūānuku, or flying like a bird through the trees
Unity is spread and will come with more ease

In life, we may have our ups and downs
Moments of friction and running aground
One thing I am sure of, one thing she will know to be true
There is nothing, no choice, no action she could ever do
That would stop me from loving her through and through

Written by Natasha Wilson