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An intimate space where I encourage you to read musings, observations and perspectives centred around conscious parenting, spirituality and deepening the connection to the spiritual child.


My role was never to be a perfect parent

I am not a perfect parent.
I am not a perfect conscious parent.
I am not a perfect example.

I have a role of a parent that I explore daily.
I try to be aware of my role and be an example of undertaking what spiritual parenting feels like to me.
I try to show up as a real example to my daughter – I chose the responsibility of motherhood.

My daughter picked me to be that example for her in this world. My choice is to show up as the best version of myself in this world as I can.

Sometimes, often, occasionally, I fail.

I am continuously growing, evolving, changing, and expanding into a more authentic parent.
I am on the journey of learning to celebrate all of me.
I can be in complete gratitude for my journey as me.

To carry and birth a spiritual being into this world is an extraordinary role to have been given.
I have learnt that my role was never to be a perfect parent.
My daughter didn’t come here for perfection.

This year, as for many, has been one of deep reflection, growth, and exploration. I have sat with and felt anger at myself and the release of many tears. I have taken step after step, slowly breaking down all of the personality structures around what a Conscious Parent ‘should’ look like. Breaking down the personality structures of a Brand, the personality who has a page dedicated to inspiring the Spiritual Child and what I believed it ‘should’ look like.

I couldn’t write posts the past few months because I had no idea who I was in my role as a parent anymore, let alone a spiritual parent. It felt so far removed from what I thought I knew, and why I was showing up.

I questioned everything. I turned away coaching opportunities through my website. I am not currently doing any of this for income; I don’t earn a single cent for showing up. I show up because I want to bring perspectives and connection to the world. I genuinely want to deepen the connection to my own inner child and my daughter. Children hold my heart and passion– that is what drives me to want to impact change in the world - with and for our children – and that is why I am here.

The growth doesn’t stop here, but I feel much more clarity. To show up offering a real perspective as an imperfect parent, an understanding of my own journey. To inspire community connection. That feels much more in the alignment of where we are heading.

There is not a cookie-cutter spiritual parent because we aren’t cookie-cutter people.

I no longer see my role as being a ‘Conscious Parent’. It has evolved more into what Spiritual Parenting feels like to me. The overall goodness of who I am as a parent. That feels more authentic and encompassing of the whole journey.

"There is no need to be perfect to inspire others.
Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections"