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An intimate space where I encourage you to read musings, observations and perspectives centred around conscious parenting, spirituality and deepening the connection to the spiritual child.


My gratitude for you began in my womb

My gratitude for you began in my womb

My gratitude for you began in my womb

Even when my stomach seemed as big as the moon

A child of light you are a great educator

At four years old you are your own creator

I am grateful for your loving smile, your laughter, your joy

Your mindful play I love to watch, learn, and enjoy

My heart is in awe at how your eyes view the world

You have opened my mind and have allowed me to unfurl

I am grateful in every space of my being

That you chose me to be your mama, and in doing so are freeing

I could not have learnt to release the control of which I kept

In all aspect of my life, I held tight to that safety net

I am grateful that you have taught me, another is not to control

But in allowing them to fly free, teaches you to release your own soul

In history you have been the parent to my child

Contemplating how that could be, can sometimes seem wild

I am grateful that being a parent mirrored back a reflection

Of whom I didn’t want to be, to face my imperfections

To heal my own inner child was a challenge that unfolded

My inner work was shown, my mind at first revolted

I am grateful for the triggers, for the patience I learnt

To take care of my own soul, before I could discern

That by living by example was the best thing I could do

A child learning to navigate life, it was me you looked up to

I am grateful for the strength and courage you invoked in me

To face doubt and fear and to live my life free

For an unknown path can be scary as hell

We can be forever changed by what we farewell

I am grateful for this journey, as the new world unfolds

To walk this earth together, as individuals, to uphold

As mother and daughter, teacher to teacher

I am grateful, my beautiful child, in my life, your soul features.

Written by Natasha Wilson