Welcome to the Raising Alchemy Journal

An intimate space where I encourage you to read musings, observations and perspectives centred around conscious parenting, spirituality and deepening the connection to the spiritual child.


We’re on a mission

We’re on a mission

We're on a Mission

Our Mission
Inspiring a deeper connection to the spiritual child. Raising Alchemy provides quality guidance to parents to light a path where they integrate the role of the parent and their own sovereignty as an individual. 

Our Vision
To unite a worldwide community to inspire a deeper connection to the spiritual child. We facilitate spaces where children are both the student and the teacher, based on the foundations of individual potential, within an authentic community that lives by example.

Our Values
We are empathetic leaders who seek the spiritual path of truth and diversity, operating with integrity.  We value authentic and ethical interactions.

Our Logo
Our logo represents the sacred womb, a seed nurtured and born from the hearts true path, expanding into unity and universal understanding.

  • The spiral represents the journey as life unfurls.  It means the nature of beginnings and the journey of expansion. It is symbolic of the transpersonal path to our divinity. I feel this as a symbol of global connection.
  • The inner image is symbolic of a seed, in the journey of birth and re-birth, and the creation of a new world. 
  • At the very centre of the seed is a heart, representing unconditional love, heart expansion, and reminding us of the essence of all beings, especially our children.

Our logo is designed to complement our mission, vision, and values that are brought to life in what we do.

We have an inspired brand and an articulate message. Those who work within and with Raising Alchemy are not a brand - it is the canopy that shelters each individual. Those who evolve, learn and explore to the same mission.  We seek to make a difference in this world. To make a difference in the lives of all children. To deepen our connection to the spiritual child.

"Man has many levels of cognition, windows on the spiral staircase of his understanding, and even as the lighthouse-keeper, whose tower is based in the living rock, climbs to the level of the lantern where he tends the light which is not his light, so man’s evolving consciousness must climb from plane to plane until he finds, and learns to tend, the Light within, which shines eternally."