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Creating room to process triggers

Taking responsibility to clear what's in front of us creates room to process and space for energy to flow through us with more grace.What are we clearing?Things that trigger us, belief patterns that we notice playing out, programming (especially from our childhood), irritation etc.We sit with accepting an issue/emotion/hurt/another's opinion and applying the tools, letting go of more of the old stories. It can be hard to face things that give us a pang of anxiety.Why is that so important? Becaus...

February 3, 2023

The soul path of the child

We generally accept that we don't know another's earth journey, why they are here, and their purpose. However, when it comes to accepting our children's path, what they chose to experience, or their soul journey - things get a little more challenging.  Perhaps the most challenging parenting task is retaining a non-bias opinion when making decisions. Often the most diligent of conscious parents need reminders to consider bias as a factor. How do we know the path we choose for our c...

January 29, 2023

Giving the gift of presence

The most significant gift you can give your children is your presence - a commitment to being fully present with them without your own agenda.As conscious parents or guardians, we want to be fully present. However, life does get in the way some (or more than some) of the time. It creeps up on us with work commitments, running errands, sticking to an agenda or curriculum, or grabbing that little time to ourselves when the kids are playing independently.Little reminders to take these days to be wi...

December 23, 2022

She dances gracefully to the beat of her own drum

She dances gracefully to the beat of her own drumCheeky and carefree and looking for funHer innocent freedom of action and thoughtNo judgement nor expectations are soughtThe joy that we are all born with displayed as a reminderWith a smile that shines brighter, kinder and widerImmersed in creative play with no agenda or motiveNo expectation or force, simply moment to momentMy role as a mother emerging less as a guideAnd more someone that moves things asideTo give her the space to shine as her un...

October 15, 2022

My role was never to be a perfect parent

I am not a perfect parent.I am not a perfect conscious parent.I am not a perfect example. I have a role of a parent that I explore daily.I try to be aware of my role and be an example of undertaking what spiritual parenting feels like to me.I try to show up as a real example to my daughter – I chose the responsibility of motherhood. My daughter picked me to be that example for her in this world. My choice is to show up as the best version of myself in this world as I can. Sometimes, often, occ...

May 14, 2021

Self-love, a three-minute practice

When we begin to fully love ourselves, all parts of our body, our thoughts and our actions naturally change. We move into acceptance and forgiveness of our human experience of who we are. The negative self-talk subsides, and our self-care efforts become more comfortable to maintain. Just as importantly, when we learn techniques for our own self-love, it becomes easier for us to teach self-love to our children. ...

December 27, 2020

My gratitude for you began in my womb

My gratitude for you began in my womb Even when my stomach seemed as big as the moon A child of light you are a great educator At four years old you are your own creator I am grateful for your loving smile, your laughter, your joy Your mindful play I love to watch, learn, and enjoy My heart is in awe at how your eyes view the world You have opened my mind and have allowed me to unfurl I am grateful in every space of my being That you chose me to be your mama, and in doing so are freeing I could ...

April 16, 2020

We’re on a mission

Our MissionInspiring a deeper connection to the spiritual child. Raising Alchemy provides quality guidance to parents to light a path where they integrate the role of the parent and their own sovereignty as an individual.  Our VisionTo unite a worldwide community to inspire a deeper connection to the spiritual child. We facilitate spaces where children are both the student and the teacher, based on the foundations of individual potential, within an authentic community that lives by example....

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