Develop your Role as Conscious Parent

Imagine a world where children through to young adults feel confident with their spirituality and intuition.

A world where mindful parents gently let go of default patterns, learn to step back and observe before rushing in. A world where the child is empowered to live their full potential. I want to be part  of that world, do you?

It’s time to connect with your intentions, to make lasting change.  Be the parent that leads by example and enables your child to reach their full potential with purpose, curiosity and unlimited possibilities.

Hi, I’m Natasha Wilson

Observing ~ Guiding ~ Connecting ~ Parenting ~ Discovering ~ Joy Seeking ~ Soul Integrating ~ Loving

Following a passion, to connecting a world-wide community of conscious beings and bringing perspective, and choice, to parents who seek a deeper connection to their spiritual child.

Raising Alchemy is a beautiful blend of intuition and guidance. We provide 1:1 and group guidance to light-up a path where you will integrate your role of the parent and your own sovereignty as an individual. A safe place to come as one and come together to expand your conscious parenting practices and to inspire your child’s confidence in their own spirituality and live their full potential.

Empowering from Experience

I understand how unique the journey is for us all.  I bring my own journey of applied learnings, dedication and soul integration to work with your own divinity as an individual and a parent. My guidance is instinctively driven and unified through the 5 Pillars of Guidance.

Centred around The 5 Pillars of Guidance

You’re here because you seek a deeper connection to yourself, to guide your children to live their best life, and to live the life you truly want to live, here on this incredible time on earth.

I’m here to guide you as you learn to live as a positive example to your children. As you journey though the 5 Pillars of Guidance you will learn practical tools to apply to support yourself and your child.


Cultivate a strong foundation for lasting change.

Intention, Gratitude and Playfulness are fundamental to progress. Intentions provide focus to shape your forward progress. Step into a state of playfulness to raise your energy and bring lightness and joy. By observing states of being you truly cultivate change.


You are worthy of having time to self, to do the things that make your heart sing.

Balance encompasses your whole being – from mental to physical wellness. Step into having the time to put yourself first, without guilt. Learn to love all of you, find purpose, and cultivate more joy into your daily routine.


Let go and create space for the new to shine through.

Feel the openness of releasing situations, reoccurring patterns, or recognised belief structures and the need to control. Remove the hamster-wheel of self-destructive thoughts, release your need to control, and discover healthy and safe ways of releasing your emotions.

Live the Change

Free yourself from the perspectives of others. Define your own interpretation of how things apply to you as a spiritual being, then apply this to your role as a parent.

Understand your triggers, wants and the reasons. The path to understanding is being able to live from a place of faith, where you have confidence and trust in your own spirituality and intuition and how you apply this to your role of the parent.

The Spiritual Child

Empower the child to have confidence in their spirituality. Guide them to live their full potential with purpose, curiosity and unlimited possibilities.

Learn to guide your child to experience the world through their own self-discovery. Inspire the child to be all that they are, each unique in their path and being. Step into what conscious parenting means to you, how you can live by example and enjoy the integration of the parent-child relationship.

Connect with Raising Alchemy

Step forward and connect.